Repeat after me - LAMP


Repeat after me - LAMP


nylon, acrylic, steel, led light, paint 

Height 30cm width 18cm


To shake up the otherwise rigid design process and allow for an unexpected outcome, I designed 3 objects, and then hired fellow creatives via online work platforms to translate these designs of mine. Alternating between a written description and a visualisation of this description, the process was laid out as a design version of the game "chinese whispers".Every participant only got the see the step that came before, and had no clues to what the original looked like or what its intended function is. The final visualisation was realised in full scale.



Process breakdown




The object is very interesting light or lamp. It appears to be a lamp based on the shape and size and the fact that it has a plug in the back. The base of the lamp is a cylinder and is a dark reddish brown color. The color is very flat and the surface to the base is as well. It is probably about 12 inches tall but the based goes into the lamp “shade” and is covered up by that object. On the base the plug, which is black and looks like a normal lamp plug goes into the red-brown based. The hole and set up on that is very normal and standard looking. Right near this hole is a flat toggle that appears to move up and down. I would assume that this controls the light being on and off. I also think it would control how bright the light is, if you push it up it get lighter and much more bright. The shade of the lamp is very interesting and is what sperrates it from a normal lamp/light. The lamp is not a normal circle or cylinder but a very mixed design and not very uniform. It has long indivual cords that fall out and down. They kind of look like a fancy dog. They appear to move out and then down. Almost like a very structured waterwall. They are all set at certain links to make sure they fall at the same time. This adds to the modern flow of the whole light and lamp. The shade is a very off grey color and also is very flat. It matches well with the color of the based and provides the same flat contrast. It appears that the cords of the shade are together and cannot be fanned out although they appear they could be if they were not attached. The top part of the shade is black and appears to be made out of solid metal. It is in the shape of a hook and has a hole that you can hand it from. But I think that is just for looks and not really meant to be hung since it would not make since to hang this kind of lamp. The texture of the shad is very pronuanced and really stands out among the design of the lamp. If you were going to buy this the shade would be the reason. It is very soft looking and really reminds one of a very fancy dog that has these types of cords as fir. The light does work and appears to provided a large amount of light and would fit very well on a table near the bed or the sofa. It is really a good thing and very nice. I would imagine this object is expensive and sold at a very modern type place. It would fit great in an office waiting room as well since it shows great design and would be something that you would be remember by. People using your business would think of this lamp.





Most people have heard of "sound conditioners," sometimes known as "white noise machines," or simply "noise machines." these are objects, usually circular, that you plug into a wall and the sound it produces is aimed at blocking out noise you don't want to hear. a "sound conditioner" makes noise that could be described as a loud hum. the thinking is that it's better to listen to a noise machine, as opposed to, say, a loud party next door. the above object could be an updated, modern noise machine which does the same job, but is much more attractive. Put the object above next to a standard machine, and it's easy to see that most people would prefer something that looks like this nice red/white/gray object, which almost looks like a lamp. indeed, it could be placed on a night table and not take anything away from the room's look, as opposed to the traditional, clunky looking sound conditioner. It couldn't be much more convenient. At the top is a small handle. However, even though it serves the function of a handle, it actually adds to the object's neat appearance. The handle portion is made of plastic. Then comes the main part...and the real attractive portion, because the white/gray part, or the main part which looks something like a lamp shade, is able to produce colors...and the user would have his/her choice of colors. it could serve the function of a noise machine/lamp, all in one. or, a person could let his imagination run away and it could produce a combination of colors, or even colors that go on and off. This could be a multi-functional object, in that it would be nice to look at, serve a useful purpose, and be a conversation piece if you chose to put it, say, in a living room. the part that looks like a lamp shade would probably be made of glass, but a type of glass that would be sturdy. it could be made of another object, but i'd prefer glass because the colors would come sparkling through. the red part below that is simply the stand; the base. notice the real attractive color; not a bland red, and not an overly bold red, just a nice, solid red that looks good but that wouldn't take your attention away from the colors that would be produced above. You can also see the black circle on the base, with the gray knob. that would control the level of the noise, in addition to the color control. that knob is what would determine if, for example, you want a loud type of noise with a mellow green, or, say, a mellow noise with a hot pink. notice the convenient cord; long enough to reach an outlet if put reasonably close to it, but not so long that it would get in the way of people walking near it. There are probably people who never would have even heard of the traditional sound conditioner who would be intrigued by this version. People would be attracted to the color coming from the "lamp shade" portion, and the noise might actually be a secondary function. Lastly, i'd stress that this would be quite affordable. Pricing this above, say, $50.00 would scare people away. Something that serves a purpose AND is nice to look at. not bad.






This object is type of table lamp. It is wider at the base and then gets narrower. It is approximately eight inches across at the bottom of the base. It is a triangular cylinder type shape. The top are of the base is not pink, it's a silver color. The bottom of the base, for about an inch it is black. In total the base is approximately one foot tall. On the front of the base is a black circular shape with a silver button in the center. The black circular shape seems to have thick gray stripes from the center to the edges of the black circular shape. About an inch above the black circular shape are rows of small vertical holes. There are three rows of holes. The holes are probably a ventilation feature. There are approximately 21 holes in each row. Each row is spaced out about a half an inch apart. The width of the rows of holes extend almost to the edges of the black circular shape. The circular shape is raised where the button is and then it tapers almost flat. At the lower end of the base is a black cord with a two prong plug at the end. The cord is approximately two and a half feet long. From the silver area at the top of the base are two silver prongs that stick out and upwards from the center. They are spaced out approximately two inches. The prongs go up the height of the lamp and are joined in a curve at the top. This appears to be the light source for the lamp. It looks like it could be kind of like a bulb. It possibly could be made of glass. It is approximately a foot and a half tall. In slightly above the center of this bulb is a cylinder. The cylinder is white with blue trim around the edges. Attached to the bottom and top of the cylinder are two cone shapes that form the base of the lampshape. They are clear. Also there is a clear material around this to form a typical type lampshade that is all clear so that the light shines through it. The total lamp is around two and a half feet tall. This is an interesting design in a lamp. It looks meant to be energy efficient. The clear lampshade appears to make the light more illuminating so that you could probably use a lower wattage and get a good deal of light. The bulb is probably meant to last the lifetime of the lamp since it is a built in structure to the lamp. It would be good to use in a dorm room or as a table light on a nightstand, or any where else where you might need a bit of extra light without drawing a lot of power.






Two long, thin rectangular lights shaped like filaments connect at the top by a short filament are aglow with white light that picks up some of the colored background lights of bright red, cobalt blue and kelly green. About one-third of the way down is a solid silver bar about half the width of the distance between the filaments. This silver bar is also glowing and is surrounded by a black frame. Two thin strips of light run vertically through each end of this bar. The two individual objects make a cross shape. The objects are further connected by a white light that touches the top and sides and reaches almost to the base of the light, creating an image that looks like a glowing kite. The two filaments are embedded onto a walnut brown base shapes like a long triangle with a glowing white band that has picked up some of the blue in the background at the top. The base is of some lighter brown tone throughout. A black knob or dial with a glowing silver center is centered near the bottom of the base. The bottom of the base ends with a curved band of black. Above the knob are three thin, cut out strips stacked one a top the other. They run across horizontally above the knob, and the strips have smaller cut outs, making them look like a line of windows. Through them the thin filaments can be seen as they reach down to the bottom of the base. They create an image of lights on in a building and someone looking in from the outside. A black power cord snakes off to the right. The thick black cord ends with a slightly rounded plug. This object could be used as a decorative light. It would not light up a dark room enough to see well but would create some effect.


final visualisation


first prototype


first prototype of lamp served as proof of proportions, wings have been reprinted in steel, and the crystal in the center of the tower has been casted in resin. 

final prototype