Preliminary Objects - The Lamps


carpet, dye, shavers

dimensions vary


Upon moving out, renters are contractually bound to erase all

traces of their presence from their former home. Even when you

buy a house, the first steps are usually to “make it your own”, by

repainting walls, polishing floors or updating tiles, for example.


But what actually makes a home a home are the traces of your

presence, and even after you might leave for good, these traces

are what gives a space depth. Removing a lamp from its original

position often reveals interesting discolorations that were

previously hidden from sight, and simply by the presence of the

lamp over time, the space itself is marked.


Marking one’s territory is the goal of “The Lamps”, transforming

the wall or ceiling they are placed on into a canvas. Choosing

between light tubes that are equipped with LED lights, or spray

tubes that come with a connector for spray cans, you can combine

them in any way possible and mark your space and the lamp at

the same time.